Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed
Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed

Aikido Ghent - News and Information

Associated with our friends from  Shinbukan Dojo in Brussels.

Aikido Gent Basiscursus 20230

Aikido initiation

Our Aikido initiation course is a good moment to start your Journey. The course starts on 4th of Octobre. You don’t need much. Some loose clothing and above all a healthy interest. Suitable for everyone 15 years and older.

Aikido Kennisdeling 2023

New Aikido knowledge sharing 2023

On the initiative of the Go Ryo dojo in Ghent, we are also participating this year in the Aikido knowledge sharing. This fun event brings together Aikido practitioners from the different clubs in Ghent. Ideal to get to know other Aikido practitioners in a free and relaxed atmosphere. What’s nice […]

Aikido Basiscursus 2023-2024

New Aikido season 2023-2024

Our new Aikido season 2023-2024 will ‘officially’ start on August 21! Meanwhile, we are still happily training at both the Blaarmeersen and HO Gent. If you would like to get acquainted with Aikido, feel free to drop by, we offer a number of trial lessons so that you can calmly […]

Aikikai Gent zomertraining

Summer training

Our last lesson “in” the dojo is almost over, that’s why we’re switching to our Summer training edition. We continue to train in the outdoors, especially with a jo (pronounced djoo) 🤔 On Monday and Wednesday evenings, we train in the Blaarmeersen from 8.15 pm. Appointment at parking East. At […]

Aikikai Gent April 2023

April impressions

Our club has had an exciting April week. Not only did we get an educational visit from Marco and our comrades from Strombeek and Meulebeke, but our club also welcomes two brand new Shodan’s. A warm congratulations to Christophe and Mike! You can still look back in our photo archive […]

Aikikai Gent Marco Zenthner

Marco Zenthner visits our dojo

Good news: in the calendar you can find dates when Marco Zenthner will still be with us this Aikido season. Marco has been Jo’s teacher for many years and more than a little bit the Aikido compass of our club. Please mark these days in your calendar: – Monday April […]