Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed
Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed

Aikido internship

On Saturday 6 November, our club organises an Aikido internship with Marco Zenthner and Ghislain Van Rossem.

So we get as it were a visit from 2 masters from Brussels.

Marco and Ghislain are certainly not strangers in our club and we are always very honored when we can receive them.  Marco Zenthner (6th dan) teaches in his dojo in Brussels and teaches monthly in our club.  Ghislain (5th dan) is based in Groot-Bijgaarden and occasionally teaches in Gent.


During this Aikido training, Marco will teach in the morning.

Then, in the afternoon, Ghislain will work on the Jo kata 75.

If you do not train regularly with weapons, we warmly recommend this training.

Training with weapons has many advantages:

First of all, working with weapons teaches you to adopt a correct posture.
In addition, you learn to work in a relaxed manner. Only when you handle a weapon in a relaxed way can you achieve the desired result.
Training with weapons also implies that you have to pay attention to timing and distance.
Because a sense of position and timing in addition to your reaction speed are more important than strength and weight, weapon work is a great equaliser.



A poster of the seminar can be found here.

This seminar takes place in our dojo (see our main page for a map).  The dojo is easily accessible by public transport (train) and by car.

HogeSchool Ghent
Sint-Denijslaan 251
Parking is provided.

There will be a possibility to order a meal if you arrive on time.  Participating in the training costs 10€ per half day for non-members, 5 € per half day for members.