Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed
Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed

New Aikido season 2023-2024

Our new Aikido season 2023-2024 will ‘officially’ start on August 21! Meanwhile, we are still happily training at both the Blaarmeersen and HO Gent. If you would like to get acquainted with Aikido, feel free to drop by, we offer a number of trial lessons so that you can calmly discover whether Aikido is something for you. To start with Aikido you do not need to be strong or flexible, experience with a martial art is not required.
Age or gender is irrelevant.
You will find that there is much more to this Japanese martial art than meets the eye. Aikido will change you over time and have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being.

This year we will make it another exciting and varied year.
As always, this year we will also invite Marco Zenthner. Marco has been practicing Aikido since the age of 16 and has experience in Judo and Karate, among other things. He was taught by some of the great post-war Aikido masters among whom some names stand out such as Tamura sensei, Sugano sensei, Kanetsuka sensei, Chiba sensei as well as Alain Perache. With his extraordinary knowledge Marco has been enriching our club for years and this Aikido master lifts us to a higher level.

Our own dojo-cho Jo makes more and more work to develop health exercises as prevention against illness and other robbers.
Marco and Jo together, that means for us more than 90 years of experience on the mat.

We benefit from this in our daily training including with our annual basic course. This basic course starts this year in October (see poster) during our new Aikido season 2023-2024.
If you have any questions or remarks you can always contact our teachers.