Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed
Look back at your path and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed

Aikido Ghent - News and Information

Associated with our friends from  Shinbukan Dojo in Brussels.

Aikikai Gent Aiki-Djo lessons

Aiki-Djo lessons

We are taking advantage of the beautiful summer days to continue our series of Aiki-Djo lessons. Aiki-Djo refers to exercises with a Jo, a wooden stick often used by eastern monks for defence.  In our series of lessons we link to exercises from Tai-Chi, Qi Gong and Wa-Do. These exercises […]

Aikikai Ghent courses with Jo

Our first open-air course

You read it right ! Our first outdoor real-life class of 2021 is coming up. After the long downtime for some and countless online sessions for others, we can finally tentatively start our classes. We will start with some outdoor classes with the JO. This allows us to work at […]

Online sessions Tai Chi or Aikido

Online sessions Tai Chi or Aikido

Would you like to participate in our Online sessions Tai Chi or Aikido? Enjoying Tai Chi or Aikido together in one place is not allowed for the time being. Yet, you can still move with us. It feels good and we do it for free online with “Teams”. Aiki – […]

Onze club sluit voorlopig

We are closing for now

Due to government measures, we are closing our doors for the time being. Follow the news and our site carefully to learn more about our reopening.

Aikikai Gent Basiscursus September 2020

Basic course Aikido September 2020

We will be starting our basic Aikido course September 2020 during our Saturday classes. This new series of classes will run from September 19 through the end of the year and is sure to be a great introduction to Aikido. Please watch our videos to get a better idea. However, […]

Nieuw Aikido seizoen 2020-2021

New Aikido Season 2020-2021

Our new Aikido season starts on 16 August! Unfortunately, we are not yet able to continue all trainings in the dojo. The first classes to be held in the dojo are on Wednesdays. So on Wednesday 19 August, our very first training of this new Aikido season will take place […]